Furniture Policy

We are happy to assist you in removing the larger pieces of furniture off of your floor, i.e. dining room tables, bookcases, couches, etc. We will help move these pieces at no cost to you since they are on the floor on which we must work.

Because we are not professional furniture movers, there are some things we must ask that you do before our arrival:

If we are refinishing floors in a bedroom, we ask that you break down all beds, and we can remove the individual pieces from the rooms.

Similarly, if you have any furniture that is assembled from multiple pieces, and will not fit-out of its current spot without being broken down, we ask that you break those down as well.

There are certain very large items, i.e. pianos and pool tables, which will not necessarily need to be moved. In most cases, we will be able to work by moving these pieces around slightly during the process. Your salesman will be able to tell you whether or not we can accomplish this.

If we are putting your furniture back, we will move the same large items that we moved out, but we will not be able to reassemble anything which we did not disassemble, i.e. beds. We will also return all electronic equipment to its proper place unplugged.

On the off chance that we arrive at your home and find that some of the above items have not been taken care of, we will not be able to guarantee to finish your work on your scheduled dates.